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Door is Closing

I don’t take trains often just a few times per year; however, I find myself waiting to hear a particular voice when I board – "stand clear doors are closing"

That is the signal to all that with or without you this train will be moving (yes keep in mind safety first). If we parallel the train to leadership (life) we believe we should or could take everyone on the platform with us. But that is often not the case. Some people just are not able to get on your train, some are anxiously awaiting, and some just might not want to. Leaders open doors. Leaders provide vision and opportunities when none seems apparent. Leaders reconstruct walls and add doors. However, despite your willingness at some point, symbolically you will have to like the voice says to close the door. You have to move on to the next station with or without them because there are others waiting patiently to follow your vision and enjoy the ride.

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