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Historian vs. Entrepreneur

“Yesterday’s home run won’t win today’s game.” ~ Babe Ruth

Are you a historian or are you an entrepreneur? Choose because you cannot be both. Historians use data or past successes and try their level best to apply them to today’s challenges. Entrepreneurs recognize yesterday’s successes but quickly see beyond those successes to the ones of tomorrow. Entrepreneurs must see the vision first and faster than anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, historians are great “data heads,” but allow them to help you get to the next level. Data is used to project, not to stagnate. Allow the data to work for you, not hinder you. As an entrepreneur, you must continuously learn, unlearn and relearn. Recycle ideas and make them better. See your vision bigger and quicker. Sometimes to see your vision bigger and better requires change, and that isn’t always easy.

Change is a lot like heaven because everyone wants to go there but no one wants to die to get there. If you don’t do “it,” not changing has just caused you to leave an opportunity on the table forever. The moment has passed and now because of your uncertainty and unwillingness to move forward, you have suddenly moved backwards. You must move forward courageously in the midst of the doubt and uncertainty.

You must create your own “happy ending.” Play and replay the “arrival” scene in your head. See yourself in it. Do you see yourself? Now, fall in love with the journey to your “happy ending” instead of the destination. Why? Because the journey creates growth.

Remember, change doesn’t mean you’re leaving something behind; it means you are moving towards something… something BIGGER, something GREATER! Change prevents you from creating a history full of regrets.

So, if your goal is to recount the “good ‘ole days,” stay where you are, you can be the best historian there ever was, BUT if you desire to lead and become the best entrepreneur you can be, innovate and create, and the next step becomes that much clearer. The greatest impact you will ever make in life is the step you take after you’ve made the decision to keep going.

If you are unsettled with change or disconnected from the process for goal achievement schedule a consultation for us to outline a strategic road map to propel you forward with the navigation of your journey.

Your brother in growth,


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