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It Changed. You Changed. I Changed. Now What?

Hello Ricky,

It is time to move from the old to the New... Are you ready to embrace the changes coming your way, because they are coming? We’ve all heard the term, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” We likely have similar reactions when we hear this term. The reaction is likely a grimace, pursed lips, shrugged shoulders or folded arms. Why? Because many of us associate change with being a bad thing because of the uncertainty that comes with it, but consider this… if we, it, the situation doesn’t change, that means we stay the same, stagnant, motionless. If we remain in this state for too long, we perish, our relationships fail, our businesses die, and the death is slow.

If you always walk in the same direction, you will continue to walk through the exact same door. Look at the flip side of change. Walking though new doors of change allows you to meet new opportunities.

Tiger Woods is an excellent example of change. There was a point in his ascension when his golf stroke was a thing of beauty. He couldn’t make a bogey if he tried. The accolades poured in, as well as the sponsorship deals, and of course the money. Fast forward many years later, he began to have back problems. Those back issues caused his golf stroke to deteriorate. It wasn’t the same, but because that same golf stroke worked so well for him for so many years, he continued to use the same coach, who gave him the same advice, using the same techniques, not accounting for the change in his physical condition.

Tiger realized the stroke that landed him above par wasn’t the stroke that would keep him from making bogey. So, he changed his today to better his tomorrow. He hired a new coach. He developed a new swing, and earlier this year, he won a major event for the first time in years.

Adversity will always confront you. You cannot escape it. I want to help you make your greatest failure a major success!

The Satir Change Model highlights a phenomenal way in moving from the old status quo and achieving the new status quo. Your greatest value is not in holding on to what worked in the past. That mode of thinking underestimates what you will gain in moving to a new way of achieving success.

Here are just a few pieces of advice to help you cope with change:

1. Don’t think too much about change because this will

inevitably paralyze you.

2. Absolutely nothing lasts forever in the same way, so

get a head start and begin looking for approaching


3. There will always be change so the moment you choose to start moving, everything falls into its rightful place.

A new year is just on the horizon.

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If you do not have a coach, open the door to new opportunities.

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Your brother in growth,


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