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The Art of Customer Loyalty: From Satisfied Customer to Loyal Customer

What makes your business unique? Is your WHY appealing enough to make your clients keep coming back? What makes your clients loyal to your business? In today’s world, no matter your product or service, customers have many choices of businesses in which to spend their hard-earned money.

Positive experiences and the value you offer drive a customer’s loyalty, their willingness to continue to keep coming back. Why? Because loyalty is linked to emotion. If you can elicit positive emotional responses, customers will find value in those responses that are directly linked to your business.

Those loyal customers don’t just keep coming back, BUT they also refer others to your business. They become investors with a vested interest in your business.

Word-of-mouth marketing is free to you. More than that, it is quite effective at driving new customers than branded content and advertising. In turn, these referred customers become loyal customers that are likely to spend more than average.

On the flip side, remove the loyalty, and that same customer will share their negative experiences about your business. It costs exponentially more to acquire a new customer than to retain your existing customers.

How do you take satisfied customers and make them loyal?


To build loyalty, customer experience management blends the physical, emotional and value elements of an experience into one cohesive and satisfying experience. Given the broad, diverse and highly competitive landscape of business owners and entrepreneurs, you must differentiate your business from the competition. Doing so will effectively drive customer loyalty and engage customers on an emotional, intellectual and even a spiritual level.

In terms of customer loyalty, customer experience management proves itself as a sustainable competitive advantage. Customer loyalty is at the intersection or center of your brand, your strategy and the customer. This is one of the reasons your WHY and conveying it is so important. When you connect these three things together, you just gained a customer for as long as you deliver the “goods.”

One area of expertise that sets me apart from other coaches is my focus on direct response marketing. Direct response marketing is the power of NOW and prompting your customers to respond to your products and services in real-time.

Remember, your customer’s perception + your reality = CUSTOMER LOYALTY.

Contact me NOW so we can turn your satisfied customers into loyal customers!

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