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Five Steps for Dealing with a difficult client.

Hope all had a fabulous holiday weekend. While catching up with some buddies of course the conversation went to business and one mentioned how he have such a difficult client.

So, I took the opportunity to share some insight.

1. Did you take the time to ESTABLISH a relationship (build TRUST) – look past the work and learn the pains of the person?

2. Be INCLUSIVE – make sure the client is aware and A PART of the planning processes

3. Be PROACTIVE – show the client you are prepared for the unknowns (now, of course, you will not be able to prepare for all issues, but take initiative based on historical data and be prepared).

4. Take steps to DEMONSTRATE to the client your only purpose is to be VALUE-ADDING RESOURCE to them and nothing short of making things better for them is acceptable (remember you are serving them).

5. OVER DELIVER (not the same as Gold Plating for my PMI followers). Over-deliver humanity and accountability. During briefings and presentations, make sure you are answering questions WITHIN your presentation. You should be so thorough in your presentation that little to know questions are necessary because you demonstrated you GOT IT.

Bottom line if you are dealing with a difficult client examine what you are not doing and which of the above steps you should be addressing.

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